A small owner-operated firm.

Offering a new take on vacation rental property management in Nashville, TN. Providing consultation, setup, operation, and marketing services to a select number of properties. One-time, custom and all-inclusive rates available.

Your property is treated as one of our own.

We believe that property management should never be a one-size-fits-all practice, and as a boutique firm we can offer a more customized experience to both the owner and the guest.

We work with excellent cleaning and maintenance teams, provide creative touches that inspire a lasting impression, and personally execute quality inspections before and after each guest.

We pride ourselves on offering techniques proven to maximize opportunity, while providing outstanding service and engaging connection. To do this, as a small owner-operated firm, we must be selective in the properties we manage. 

See below for a sample of our services and pricing. But, remember, one-size does not fit all! Management fees are flexible and can adjust by expected and/or actual rental value—properties with a higher nightly rate and monthly gross may be managed for a lesser negotiated percentage. Please send us a message with your goals along with the location and details of your property to see if we’re a fit for your space!



  • Rental Assessment & Setup - we will work with you to determine your property's needs, assist with staging and stocking, and obtaining proper licensing, permits and tax accounts to prepare your rental for listing.

  • Professional Photography & Listing Management - our real estate trained photographer will provide quality photographs, and we will create a listing that highlights your property's amenities and attracts guests to book. 

  • Dynamic Pricing, Automated Messaging & Personalized Guest Service - our integrated dynamic pricing tools ensure your listing is priced competitively with similar rentals and hotels, adjust automatically to area demand and accounts for local events to ensure optimized performance and maximized revenue.  Automated messaging provides essential information to guests throughout the booking process, increasing response time and enhancing search placement on major listing platforms.  Additionally, we offer 24 hour guest and owner support.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance - turnover management including professional cleaning, supplies and maintenance with a network of local professionals we trust with our own properties.

  • Guest Concierge Services - we offer à la carte add-ons to guest reservations including travel insurance, bar/sundries stocking, reservation assistance, complementary welcome gifts, souvenirs, and snack baskets, as well as custom digital Welcome Guides for each rental.

  • Tax Calculation and Remittance - monthly calculation and remittance of required county and state taxes.

  • Owner Portal & Earnings Statements - monthly summary of revenue and expenses.


Full Service Management - Includes listing management & marketing, dynamic pricing and automation tools, direct booking site, credit card processing, guest relations, cleaning and maintenance scheduling, pre-check-in quality assurance checks, check-out property condition checks, monitoring and stocking supplies, 24/7 guest and owner support, and monthly owner statements - 18% of monthly rental revenue

All-Inclusive Management - Includes listing management & marketing, dynamic pricing and automation tools, direct booking site, credit card processing, guest relations, cleaning and maintenance scheduling, pre-check-in quality assurance checks, check-out property condition checks, purchasing, monitoring and stocking linens and supplies, guest welcome gifts (snack basket, branded bottled water, wine, etc.), seasonal decorations (basic porch pumpkins, Christmas tree setup and decoration, etc. (*additional expense may apply for purchase of large items, by request), lawn-care scheduling and management (*additional expense may apply for regular service and/or landscaping), 24/7 guest and owner support, monthly owner statements - starting at 22% of monthly rental revenue (2% to operating fund. Expenses over $250 to be approved by Owner. Expenses approved by owner in excess of available operating funds to be debited from monthly payment. Reserve funds to be split evenly in the event closure or cancellation.)

Cleaning & Maintenance - Professional cleaners are paid from the cleaning fee charged to guests.  We will work with you to identify an appropriate rate to assess to reservations as a cleaning fee, and generally recommend a slight overage to be held for laundry, supplies, maintenance, and other small home-related expenses, additional expenses and/or repairs will be detailed and approved on a case by case basis, and will automatically be deducted from monthly payment disbursements.  

Onboarding (New Rental) - Includes property assessment, permitting, professional photography, listing creation, dynamic pricing and automated messaging integration, rental staging and stocking ***owner is responsible for staging/stocking expenses, which will be detailed and approved in advance. $500 

Permit & Licensing Fees - $313-$373 ($313 per STR Permit, plus $30 per Business License; may also include $10 Landlord Permit, and/or Alarm Registration)

Onboarding (Existing Rental) - Includes listing updates and management, dynamic pricing and automated messaging integration, general staging and stocking ***owner is responsible for staging/stocking expenses which will be detailed and approved in advance. $250 / $375 with professional photography

Tax Calculation & Remittance - $50/month

Custom Digital Welcome Guide - creation and management of a custom digital guide with access to exclusive local area savings - $150

Damage Protection - Every time a booking is created, a unique "Accidental Rental Damage Insurance" (ARDI) policy is created that covers the guest from accidental damage. You no longer need to hold security deposits (unless you still want to). If there is damage, you fill out a simple claim form and our insurance partner reimburses you for the damage. Here are the costs of coverage:

Coverage: $500 Cost: $10

Coverage: $1500 Cost: $20

Coverage: $3000 Cost: $35

The cost of coverage is billed automatically, for every new booking, and will be reflected on your monthly statement. The guest's credit card is not billed for the coverage. If you want the guest to cover this cost, we'll work with you to increase your rates accordingly or add a surcharge.


Travel Insurance - a protection plan that protects your guest against unexpected occurrences such as last minute trip cancellation, medical problems or weather interruptions. Instead of having to issue refunds or forcing guests to lose payments, our insurance provider steps in to pay. Travel Insurance is paid by the guest, and is available as a reservation add-on or required addition to direct bookings.


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